Sow localisation system

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Sow localisation system


An individual positioning system or localisation system for sows is being developed in collaboration between ILVO and the company Sensolus (, based on UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology to actively transmit the signal from the Tag to the Trackers. The position of the tag can then be calculated based on the time-of-flight to the trackers. These trackers are connected to a gateway that combines the information received by the trackers and sends it to a cloud-based software. Sensolus tags consist of a PCB with emitting antenna, and a rechargeable battery. These components are placed in a water, dust and shock-resistant casing. In order to be able to study the positioning and locomotor activity of the animals, the Sensolus tags need to be firmly attached to them, without affecting their behaviour or ease of movement. The system is currently already in use for monitoring chickens in an outdoor field and the tags are worn via the use of small, custom-made backpacks. In addition, the system is currently being developed and validated for indoor tracking of gestating sows.


Thijs Decroos
Shaojie Zhuang
Annelies Van Nuffel
Frank Tuyttens
Jarissa Maselyne
Olga Szczodry