RFID pig feeding sensor

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RFID pig feeding sensor


An RFID sensor to measure feeding behaviour of pigs has been developed at ILVO together with MeBioS, KU Leuven and the European partners of the PIGWISE project (ICT Agri Era-net). A High-Frequent (HF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system was designed and validated to measure individual pigs’ feeding behaviour. A feeder commonly used in group-housing can be equipped with this system. Every pig gets a unique electronic ear tag. When the pig is feeding, its presence is registered. Duration of feeding, number of visits, interval between visits and other aspects of the feeding behaviour can be calculated. This provides a wealth of information for research purposes, but also for the automated detection of health, welfare and productivity problems based on changes in the feeding pattern of a pig.


Wouter Saeys
Jürgen Vangeyte
Annelies Van Nuffel
Jarissa Maselyne