Chicken localisation system

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Chicken localisation system


A individual position system for chickens has been installed at an outdoor field containing grassland and dense vegetation (willows). The positioning system is Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based. This technology allows high precision localisation with use of the following 4 components: 1) Custom tags: these can be attached to the chickens or animals or objects to track their position. 2) Trackers: communicate with the tags and calculate the positions of the tags in the measuring zone. 3) Gateway: aggregates the information of the positions sent through from the trackers and securely transfers this data to the cloud. 4) Cloud software: a webapplication allows the user to visualize and convert the needed data into exportable formats. This technology was developed in collaboration with Sensolus (


Thijs Decroos
Frank Tuyttens
Lisanne Stadig