Welcome to ISense

The use of sensor technology is sometimes relatively limited in the current agriculture, fisheries and food sector. ILVO wishes to promote this technology, since it is seen as one of the most promising solutions for producing food in a sustainable and economic way for 9 billion people expected by 2050.

That is why ILVO has launched the ISense project. This project uses sensor technology to bring concrete innovations to the agriculture, fisheries and food sector, in order to increase the sustainability, efficiency, animal welfare, quality and safety in these sectors. ISense deploys sensor technology for three concrete innovation cases:

  • Biosensor case: the detection and quantification of small molecules (biotoxins) and micro-organisms via biosensors.
  • Precision Livestock Farming case: the application of sensors for various applications in Precision Livestock Farming.
  • Precision Crop Farming case: development of a methodology to objectively quantifiy the growth evolution of crops with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and different camera types

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